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Matagorda County Public Information Act Policy

The Public Information Act (PIA) guarantees the public access to information maintained by a government agency. It is our policy to provide you with the fullest possible access to public information. PIA requests cannot be used to request information that is available on our website. Please use our online services including for documents publicly available at either the Matagorda County Clerk's Office or the Matagorda County District Clerk's Office, to obtain online information such as detailed case information, property records and other county documents. PIA requests are not needed to review public court records or other records maintained by the Clerk.

You can read the Matagorda County Public Information act Policy by clicking here: 2023-2025 Matagorda County Public Information Act Policy.pdf

All Public Information Act Requests for Matagorda County public information MUST be made in writing. You may submit your requests electronically by using the downloadable form, or via electronic mail to mcpir@co.matagorda.tx.us.  Please note, use of the below or downloadable form IS NOT REQUIRED to be submitted for a Public Information Request.  However, the form does request all the information that assists us to verify the records in order to fulfill your request. To download the interactive PIA Request form, click HERE

Written requests that are not submitted electronically should include your name, address, and as much description as you can provide regarding the records you are requesting. Written requests should be mailed, hand delivered or sent via facsimile to Jennifer Chau, Matagorda County Attorney, PIA Request, 1700 7th Street, Room 305, Bay City, TX 77414 or Facsimile: (979) 244-7647, or submitted via this Public Information Request page below.

Please do not submit duplicate requests.

Telephone requests are not considered public information requests.

All charges for open record requests will be in accordance with Chapter 70 of the Texas Administration Code. If a request for a copy of public information or request to inspect information will result in a charge of $40 or higher, the Office of the Matagorda County Attorney will provide the requestor with a written itemized statement. *Texas Government Code § 552.2615.


For guidance regarding your rights as a requestor and the public information procedures adopted by this governmental body, you may review the governmental body’s notice required under section 552.205 of the Government Code. You can find additional Public Information Act resources on the Office of the Attorney General's website at http://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/open-government.