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There is little threat of a serious accident at STP, but just in case, here is the most important information you and your family need to know if you live within ten miles of the nuclear plant. Matagorda County has four methods to promptly notify you if there is an accident at STP - sirens, alert radios, a computerized telephone calling system, and route alerting. These systems also may be activated in case of other types of emergencies in the county.

During an actual emergency, listen to radio stations FM 102.5, FM 92.5, or NOAA Radio for official news and instructions from Matagorda County emergency management officials.

Sirens For STP Nuclear Power Plant

Warning sirens have been placed within ten miles of STP at strategic locations. When activated for an emergency situation in Matagorda County, sirens will sound with a steady tone for approximately three minutes. This is your signal to turn on your radio to hear the official news broadcasts. Please note that sirens are tested periodically on Wednesdays. Some of these sirens are also used for volunteer fire department call out. However, the fire tone is a wavering tone rather than a steady tone. There is no reason to be concerned about a nuclear power plant incident if a siren activates with a wavering tone for a fire.


STP Emergency Tone

- Steady -

Fire Department Tone

-Wavering –

False Siren Activation

Sirens can activate at inappropriate times. This rarely happens, but can occur due to lightning strikes, electrical shorts, and human error. If a siren sounds and you believe it may have falsely activated, there are several things you can do. The best thing is to listen to one of the local radio stations or a NOAA radio. If the county sounds the sirens to alert the public of an event in the county, then the sounding of the sirens will be followed by a message on FM 102.5, FM 92.5 or NOAA radio. If no emergency message is given on the radio, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (979) 245-5526. The dispatcher can inform you if there is an event or if the siren is malfunctioning.

Alert Radios For STP Nuclear Plant

Alert radios are provided to area residents who live within ten miles of STP but are outside siren range. The radios are preset to either station KMKS FM 102.5 or NOAA radio. NOAA radios are preset to receive Matagorda County information. If you have been provided with an alert radio, please plug in your alert radio and put it on “standby” to automatically receive broadcast information. The emergency alert system radio will sound a warning tone for several seconds before an emergency news announcement. The radios are periodically tested. If you have any questions about the emergency alert system or problems with your radio, please call STP Emergency Response at 361-972-8445.

NOAA Radio

KMKS FM 102.5

KKHA FM 92.5

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Telephone Autodialer

If you have a telephone and live inside the 10-mile radius of the nuclear plant, you may receive a computerized telephone call. The call will advise you to turn on your radio to hear official news broadcasts. For an STP event, during the computerized call, you will be asked to respond by touching “9” if you understand the message or “6” if you do not. This will let Matagorda County officials know if you have received and understood the message. Celanese, LyondellBasell, OXEA and Markham Industrial Group also use the telephone autodialer to make emergency notifications to the residents living near those facilities.

Official News Broadcasts

During an emergency, the radio stations listed above will be the first media to receive situation updates and protective action recommendations from county officials. All messages will be repeated frequently throughout an incident. Although television stations also may broadcast emergency information, these radio stations should be considered the official news sources during an emergency in Matagorda County. Follow the instructions given to you by Matagorda County officials. You may be asked to take shelter in your home or to leave the area. The following pages will tell you what to do in either case.

Route Alerting

Law enforcement or local fire departments may assist in notifying residents by driving through areas and using megaphones to provide emergency information.