Texas Counties Deliver
If You Have Special Needs / 2-1-1 Registration

If you are disabled, have special health care needs during evacuations, or do not have transportation, and you have no one who can help you during disasters, you should immediately dial 2-1-1 to register as a person with special needs. Matagorda County Emergency Management is able to get your information from the system.


Once you are registered in the system, you do not have to reregister unless you need to change your information. Further information about the 2-1-1 system can be found at www.211texas.org.


If you urgently need assistance during a disaster, call the Matagorda County Sheriff's Office and put the orange "Assistance Needed" card in a front window or tape it to your front door. The card is located in the back of this section. Leave the porch light on so emergency workers can see the card, unless you have been instructed to turn off your electricity.


If you know someone in the area who is blind or unable to read, please read the information in this section to them, or contact the Rio Colorado Chapter of the American Red Cross